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  • Occupy the Honor Roll

    On September 15th our chapter at Regent hosted the “Occupy the Honor Roll” event. We held it in our student center during one of the busiest times of day and we got a lot of confused looks at first. With our posters and banners declaring the unfair and injustice of some students having a 3.5 …

  • Cosmetology and Goldman Sachs

    As we continue to wallow in recession thanks to irresponsibility from the Federal Reserve and Wall Street, it’s not uncommon to hear arguments that if we simply had more regulations. This article from the New York Times offers a great micro example of one of the problems with that argument (note:  I said “one of” — I’m …

  • Wall Street Joins the Dark Side

    You can’t make this up. Darth Vader “escorted by stormtroopers” rang the opening bell of the New York Stock Exchange today. Could anyone possibly think of a better metaphor for the state of Wall Street corporatism?

  • House votes to limit bonuses

    The House has voted to limit the bonuses that can be given to Wall Street traders.  The part of this that really makes me laugh is that some Dems are trying to say that this isn’t a government takeover.  How is this not a take over? Outsider control of such key aspects of any business …