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  • Matt Cockerill on LewRockwell.com!

    Congratulations, Matt, for getting your Walter Block interview mentioned on LRC — along with the most favorable mention of YAL from Rockwell himself which I’ve seen to date!  Here’s the post in full: Here, Matt Cockerill of Young Americans for Liberty interviews our own Walter Block on Murray, the resplendent intellectual and good man who …

  • “Murray Rothbard Was a Badass” — An Interview with Walter Block

    I had the great pleasure of interviewing libertarian stalwart Walter Block Friday afternoon. The great economist/philosopher discussed his personal story of coming to liberty, his remarkable memories of the brilliant Murray Rothbard, his view on a couple controversial applications of libertarian ideology –in age of consent laws and whether or not “free market” monopolies exist — and the moral obligation of a libertarian living in a statist …

  • Cockerill to Interview Block

    Today at 6 PM EST, I’ll be interviewing Walter Block, the prolific Austrian Economist and libertarian philosopher. Please submit any questions you’d like me to ask him. I have him for 40 minutes, so it’s very likely I’ll have time to squeeze it in. :]

  • Walter Block should win a Nobel Prize

    The recent nobel prize winner in economics, Elinor Ostrom, who considers herself a Political Economist has “angered” the economic profession by winning the Prize yesterday.  If you’ve looked at Walter Block’s publications recently you’ll agree that no one has been more published, as an economist, in the social science area recently.

  • The state is not above the moral law

    There is a real debate in libertarianism between minarchists and anarcho-capitalists. However, we all can all agree to call government aggression and criminality just that, as Walter Block reminds us in the latest LRC podcast. Some may say we will come across as radicals for doing so, and I concede that this is what the mainstream will likely perceive. But, we must remember, the preponderance of …

  • The Problem(s) with Public Education

    From James Howard Kunstler’s “Eyesore of the Month” comes this gem: Behold this brand new school in Las Vegas, Nevada: Hannibal Lecter Elementary. Is every child in this city a serial killer requiring maximum security incarceration during school hours? Golly, what happens when they let them out at three o’clock? This institutional monstrosity alone should …