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Tag: waterboarding
  • Is Waterboarding Torture?

    In this video shot on Friday, after just 7 seconds of being waterboarded, Chicago talk host Mancow surrenders and recants his earlier view that waterboarding isn’t torture:

  • Waterboard an A-rab for Jesus

    Laurence Vance comments on the many problems with Christian — let alone American — support for torture. Large percentages of American Christians find torture justified under certain circumstances, and it is statistically likely that at least some of the government employees who have engaged in torture in recent years would call themselves Christians. Vance asks: …

  • Cheney Confesses to War Crime, Now What?

    During his interview with ABC last week, Dick Cheney made some interesting comments and confessions. When asked about the interrogation methods used against Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, which involved waterboarding, Cheney admitted to knowing about them, supporting them, and, “helping to get the process cleared.” The United States is very familiar with waterboarding, and has treated …