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Tag: Wendy McElroy
  • Book Review: Wendy McElroy’s “The Art of Being Free”

    Wendy McElroy’s new book, The Art of Being Free, is a marvelous and intimate collection of thoughts on the state of freedom in our world. McElroy’s name is at once both ubiquitous and unknown in the world of libertarianism. She has written multiple books (including Freedom, Feminism, and the State and The Reasonable Woman: A …

  • Warmongering, Pacifism, and the Fallacy of the Excluded Middle

    The fallacy of the excluded middle, or the false dilemma, presents a false choice by offering only options A and B when in fact there are also options C, D, E, etc.  This is commonly used by warmongers to suggest that there are only two philosophical options in foreign policy:  to be a warhawk or …