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Tag: YAL in Ohio
  • The Ohio Project

    The Ohio Project IS FOR ANYONE WHO WANTS TO SIGN THE HEALTH CARE FREEDOM AMENDMENT  which aims to nullify the Obama-care mandate. Supporters are too short on time and do not have a war chest of funds. Technology is the only route we have to successfully achieve the 500,000 signatures we need to place the …

  • Sherrod Brown, SEIU & ACORN: It’s all in the family

    Sherrod Brown is a very liberal US Senator from Ohio.  And if his collectivist voting record is not enough: his daugher is the Organizing Director of SEIU 1199 which is a kissing cousin of ACORN.  SEIU 1199 is a popular proving ground for liberal statists who have close ties with the upper echelons of Washington DC’s elite.  This is …