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  • Rein in the American Empire!

    Do you want to end senseless wars?  Do you want to put an end to American Imperialism? Do you want the government to honor your personal liberties? We can only do achieve these goals with your help.  The moneybomb is a mere day away. Please donate and encourage others to do the same! Any donation, …

  • Antiwar Radio and YAL

    Yesterday, March 12th, Jeff Frazee and I were guests on Antiwar radio. We focused on the current state of the youth antiwar movement, more specifically YAL’s leadership. I was also asked about the upcoming moneybomb on March 16th (Please donate! We’re some of the only youngsters actually concerned about ending the senseless wars.) To hear …

  • YAL Moneybomb!

    Many years ago, Julius Caesar, emperor of Rome, was told to, “beware the Ides of March.” Help Young Americans for Liberty send the same message to Washington. No more spending.  No more printing. No more taxes. No more wars. Help us reign in the American Empire on March 16th. Donate to the YAL Moneybomb!