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  • Glenn Greenwald at the YAL National Convention!

    Today, we’re excited to announce award-winning journalist, lawyer, author, and Edward Snowden confidant Glenn Greenwald is confirmed to address and answer questions at the 6th Annual YAL National Convention! That’s right, this is a rare opportunity to send us your questions for Mr. Greenwald on Facebook and Twitter by using the hashtag #YALcon14 or posting …

  • SCOTUS for the Win

    I was interviewed by Russia Today on Friday to talk about the Citizens United ruling.  I took the pro-First Amendment position.  It proved to be unpopular in the critical public forum of Youtube comments.  Regardless, it was a (generally) good ruling for freedom. Here’s the video:

  • Barry Kuzay Named Wisconsin Chair

    YAL National is happy to announce that Barry Kuzay has been named the Wisconsin state chair. If you are currently a college student in Wisconsin and want to form a YAL chapter on your campus, talk to Barry. You can find him on Facebook or leave a comment on this post. And now, to get …