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  • Wisconsin YAL takes on High-Speed Rail Controversy

    After witnessing the endless controversy in our state newspapers concerning the proposed high-speed rail connecting Milwaukee and Madison, YAL Wisconsin decided to take a position on the issue and write a letter to our student paper.  To catch everyone up, Washington is offering a “free” $810 million grant to our state to build a high-speed …

  • YAL at the Wisconsin C4L 2010 Convention

    This past weekend I attended the Wisconsin Campaign for Liberty 2010 Annual Convention.  What an amazing event!  I had the privilege of speaking about YAL at this event (video coming soon), and I tabled for the organization as well.  My favorite speakers from the event are Ed Thompson, Tim Nerenz, and of course Austrian economist Yuri …

  • Are you a lonely Wisconsinite?

    Are you a Wisconsin resident looking for a YAL chapter to join?  Good news; there are active chapters around the state and I have been planting lots of seeds today to help bring more freedom fighters together!  If you live anywhere in Wisconsin, join the statewide coalition.  If you are near any of the following …

  • More from the Madison Tea Party

    A few photos from the protest at the state capital: