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  • Private Reception for Opening of Public Building

    I live in Dixon, CA, which is about 10 minutes away from Vacaville, CA. After three years of construction and even longer planning planning, Solano Community College has been building a new branch facility in Vacaville, CA. There was already a small branch campus, high tech when it was built. The opening and naming of the …

  • The Death of School Spirit

    Many people don’t realize how the world around them is affected by bureaucracy, regulation, and tyranny, but one example can be related easily, especially at Dixon High School.  Our school recently built a new campus, and the transfer that began three years ago had been quite the tremendous event. Dixon High had a beautiful new …

  • Cool YAL Chapter poster

    Need a poster for your club? Modify this one for your chapter.  Contact me by clicking on my name above this post if you need a larger image to edit.

  • DHS Teachers Embrace Collectivism

    As a student at Dixon High School, which is located in the rather conservative community of Dixon, CA, I never expected to see collectivism so boldly embraced by faculty members.   Today, Friday, Dec. 11th, I had the amazing pleasure of arguing with a biology teacher who had the audacity to say, “There should be …

  • YAL@DHS Forum Pics

    YAL@DHS held a forum luncheon on Nov. 19th as part of our national activism event for the anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. Former California liberty-candidate Gary Clift and Independent Institute Research Analyst Anthony Gregory answered questions during a luncheon at Dixon’s Senior Multi-Use Center.

  • Young Americans for Liberty in the News

    Young Americans for Liberty has been getting lots of media coverage… Ron Paul gets attention from the University of South Carolina’s newspaper for his visit to the school on Monday,  November 9th.  South Carolina local news was also excited about Dr. Paul’s visit. An independent student newspaper serving the University of Georgia community mentioned Young …