Take Liberty to the Next Level with KSFP

Inspire liberty. Change the system. Advance liberty. Build your future. Get paid.  

The Koch Summer Fellow Program from the Institute for Humane Studies provides opportunities to intern with a homefield advantage or head into the belly of the beast. The Koch Summer Fellow Program is the world’s largest liberty focused internship program with over 100 internship positions at over 80 partner organizations across the country and in DC.


Make a difference in the lives of the people you know.
Internships at think-tanks and other organizations at the state level allow you to make a local impact for liberty. At state-based organizations you’ll work on the front line with local single-issue and free market advocates.

Join liberty’s largest network.
Make connections with people across the nation and build your future. With over 900 KSFP alumni you’ll really be part of the network with the most coverage.

Partner organizations include organizations like Reason, The Institute for Justice, REACH Foundation, and the Mackinac Center for Public Policy. Gain experience in a variety of areas ranging from policy and regulation analysis, to directly influencing legislation at the state level, to publishing articles and editorials in local papers.

The January 31 deadline is quickly approaching! Apply now.

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