Taking Aim at Anti-Gun Laws

Gainesville, FL—The Santa Fe College Young Americans for Liberty held a pro-gun protest today, February 4th, in the Oak Grove at the heart of campus from 9 AM – 1 PM. These students have made their stance very clear: They want fewer gun laws, especially on college campuses.

Santa Fe YAL members believe that public safety is every individual’s responsibility, since law enforcement can’t be everywhere at once—nor should one expect them to be. 

Participants wore empty holsters symbolizing their opposition to laws that prohibit licensed adults from carrying concealed weapons. This style of protest is the brain-child of another organization, Students for Concealed Carry, who have executed similar protests at the University of Florida and at  colleges across the United States. Protesters also gathered signatures for a petition destined for the State Legislature to repeal the the concealed-carry ban.  You can sign the petition here.

“It’s very encouraging to see students exercising their First Amendments rights, especially as the demonstration relates to the defense of another right, the right to bear arms. Pioneers like Mario Savio fought to secure political free speech rights on college campuses over forty years ago; I’m extremely proud of these students because they are challenging the sense of apathy that is common on college campuses”said Jason Rummler the group’s faculty adviser and a professor at Santa Fe College.

The Santa Fe College chapter of Young Americans for Liberty was founded by Adam Edwards, a combat veteran who served in Iraq and volunteered on Ron Paul’s presidential campaign in 2012. The chapter has six members and occupies a seat on the Student Government Senate.

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