Taliban Calls 2009 “Successful”

That’s right.  Your eyes did not deceive you.

In an official written statement, the Taliban or “students” declare 2009 ” a successful year for the mujahadeen.”

The Taliban also claimed that it is working on driving the coalition forces out of Afghanistan by next year:

Last year the guerrilla warfare, frontline war, attacks and road mines against the invaders increased as the enemy began to cry out for reconciliation.  The enemy does not have a constant policy.  Sometimes they talk about sending more soldiers and other times they speak of an early withdrawal. Their thinking is irrational.

The Taliban also launched a new website with multiple languages, including English. It also included a 37 minute footage of a captured American soilder and mentioned the year’s disastrous elections which had little voter turnout.

The statement continued:

Unfortunately in airstrikes and shootings by the invaders, hundreds of innocent Afghan civilians have been injured or killed. For example, in the Farah and Kunduz attacks, 500 civilians died including women and children.

Now reading this, any rational person can determine that our foreign occupation gives the Taliban and other  regional terrorists significant motive to continue their mission with drastic measures. Unfortunately, the Taliban is right on this one; 2009 has been a successful year for them and if we continue our occupation, their ideaology and recruitment will continue to grow as well.

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