Tar Heels Fight for Their Right to Party!

The UNC-Chapel Hill chapter braved the oncoming snowpocalypse this January, and tabled for two days in freezing weather to promote our first event of the semester: “Fight For Your Right To Party!” Dr. Dorothy Bernholdz from Student Legal Services was to address UNC-CH students about our constitutional rights regarding everyday situations ranging from traffic stops to party raids. To promote the event, we tabled with the YAL chapter banner, balloons, Liberty Pong, and YAL prizes.


Liberty Pong winners received gift cups containing Capri-Sun packets, YAL info pamphlets, a copy of Why Liberty, and a flyer with our event and meeting information. Members also dressed in party gear, donning tiaras and 21st birthday badges while handing out event flyers in high traffic areas on campus.


This helped to make the table more of a party scene and generate curiosity about what we were promoting.

Fight For Your Right To Party!

Students were extremely receptive to the event, finding the topic extremely relevant to their everyday lives, and event tabling was a huge success! It not only proved to be a bonding experience for our new members, but also promoted the ideas of constitutional liberty on campus. In just two days the chapter earned a total of 18 new sign-ups, and generated a Facebook event reservation list of over sixty attendees!  


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