Task Force: Biola University — Liberty? We Can Dig It.

A group of SoCal YALers had some free time over this last week during our spring break. So what better way to spend the sunny Southern Californian days than by spreading the message of Liberty?  And where better in Southern California to do that than the Mean Streets of LA?

Our target: Biola University, located in La Mirada. It’s a smaller, private Christian university situated right inside LA county, with around 6,000 students.

Part of the crew, so happy

There are lots of smaller private universities in Los Angeles, so why did we choose here? Well, the answer is fairly simple, and came as a bit of a surprise to us:  Liberty is very, very strong on this campus.

We started the day by proceeding to the center of campus, and set up our table in true YAL style, populated with everything from palm cards to pocket Constitutions to other assorted free literature. In addition, we ran the one and only World’s Smallest Political Quiz, as part of Operation Politically Homeless.

The Nerve Center at Biola

And as soon as we were up and running, we were overwhelmed by the amount of positive response that we received. And by overwhelmed I refer not only to the amount of joy that we received, but the number of people. There were so many people lining up to take our Quiz that we had a line just for people waiting on pens! And even those who were apolitical or disagreed with us came up to give us the opportunity to tell them what we’re about. 

The day went on with all of our activists kept busy. We managed to collect a number of sign ups, and then tore down the display before our info session later that evening. At our evening information session we gave a more detailed picture of what YAL is and how we can enhance the abilities of those who join our organization with training and resources. Those who showed up seem pleased, took some more free stuff (everyone loves free stuff), gave us their contact information, and then parted ways with us.

Burton from CSUF laying down the law

Overall the day was a great success. I can say in all my years of recruiting this was one of the most productive and not to mention most fun days I have personally ever had. This university, although it seems small, should definitely be a growing voice for liberty as time moves on.

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