Taste the Liberty: Celebrating Constitution Day at Duquesne University

DUYAL’s Constitution Day celebration was a success! We got a prime table location in our Student Union and had a nice set up. Thank you, YAL National, for all the great materials — we aren’t sure who is doing it, but YARs keep turning up in the stacks of magazines around campus.

setting up


To entice students to stop we made two Constitution Cakes; special thanks to Caroline for her baking skills. They got kind of mangled in transport but still tasted good. Nothing gets a student to stop dead in their tracks like the word “FunFetti.” Ten AM is apparently kind of early for cake, but we gave it away within an hour. Over the next several hours, we gave away 160 Constitutions, collected almost 100 signatures to bring Ron Paul to Duquesne, and had 4 students sign up for more info about our group. We also gave out 8 copies of The Economics of Liberty, distributed by Students for Liberty, to students that stopped to have longer discussions with us.


Some G Phi Bs at the table next to us were trying to sign people up for a charity walk but soon they started reading the Constitutions we gave them. We started to put their flyers in our Constitutions and they started to help us hand them out. FREEDOM IS POPULAR! We are working on getting a story into our school newspaper, but it is still up in the air.

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