Tax Day Ideas: Post Office

This activism idea for Tax Day is an obvious one, yet really effective. There is no place on April 15th where you will find more people sympathetic to your cause than at your local post office (Tea Party events being an obvious exception). The post office is full of irritated, last-second tax payers and is a hot spot for local news.  

  • Before you hold the event, send a press advisory to your local news outlets.  If you write the release, will send it out for you for free to a complete media list for your area.
  • Canvass the area with anti-tax and YAL signs — “Taking your money is bipartisan,” for instance.
  • Hand out fliers about taxes and what your YAL group is about.
  • Get community members’ contact info by using the YAL petition to repeal ObamaCare.

The petition, along with other exciting things going on in regards to Tax Day can be found here. Make sure you share your Tax Day activism ideas on the blog or with

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