Tax Day Petition

With less than ten days until theft, err–tax, day things are speeding up on the activist front. YAL member Nathan Fox-Helser brought up a great idea for YAL chapters to do on the infamous day of wondrous support for our beloved government, and the always friendly Institutionalized Robbery Syndicate.

The petition came about as an additional way to engage people at your table and sign them up for membership to YAL. It should compliment the other activities you have planned for the day quite nicely and it will also show people who visit your table that the tax day coalition is more than “just another protest;” it’s one of principle and one of evidence.

Plus, if all the chapters gather a significant amount of signatures and membership, we might be able to publicize the level of collegiate discontent with the current tax system. If nothing else, it might provide a good reason to stick your foot in the door at your local Congressman’s office–accompanied by local media, of course.

As Nathan duly notes in the petition, we’re the generation who will be footing the bill for the government’s spending party and it is for this we will not stand. Again, you can view and discuss the petition here on the YAL Forums.

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