Tax Day Protests in Rhode Island

The University of Rhode Island YAL chapter held a “52 Ways to Lose” event which staged two students dressed as Bush and Obama dealing a blackjack table outside of the main student building on campus. Students participated in a blackjack game they could never win, which led to the point that the Federal Government wins your money everytime no matter if you have the rationale to explain or not. This event was held as a precursor to the state wide event which followed.

Moving from campus to the state house, YAL-URI participated in their state’s TEA PARTY where an impressive turn out of state residents (2000+) protested the allocation of tax money and corruption within terms of state legislators. Your typical “End the Fed’ers” were there as well with the same message that we love so much. The whole state event was initiated by a woman named Colleen Conley, of Pawtucket, who finally broke the spiral of silence of the many complacent conservatives, libertarians, and skeptics in the state. It was truly an inspiring sight to see. Young Americans for Liberty stood at the protest strongly supporting the message even though local news stations swayed the story the way they wanted to. The main objective of the event was emphasized by Conley multiple times during the speeches throughout the afternoon which was: “It does not stop here.” She was right: this was just the beginning of Rhode Island speaking out against corrupt governing and apparent robbery of the taxpayer.

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