Tax Day Protests

Tax Day

Although many college students do not worry as much about paying taxes as their elders do, Tax Day (April 18th this year) is still a great time to plan activism on campus because of the attention the media pays to activities that are planned on this day.  

You may remember that the 2009 “Tax Day Tea Party” was one of the first that branched out from the 2007 Boston Tea Party during the Ron Paul Presidential campaign.  In fact, there are probably events already being planned in your area by local tea parties that you can get involved with.  

Check out this list of events already being planned at, or this list at Tea Party Patriots, and also try going to and searching for “Tax Day” in your area.

UPDATE: “Fed Up with the Fed” is another National event happening on Tax Day that integrates the Federal Reserve.  Visit their website to see events being planned in your area.

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