Tax Day: YAL in the News

Check out this media coverage of YAL activism on tax day this year:

  • University of Iowa’s Jeff Shipley discusses the two party system in the Daily Iowan.
  • Purdue’s Nathan Murphy received an interview from WLFI 18 on what his campus was planning on doing for this year’s Tax Day. The Exponent covered the actual Tax Day event held at Purdue.
  • Executive Director Jeff Frazee was able to talk about the Young Americans for Liberty on the popular Daily Caller
  • Colorado State’s Eric Roche is asked what YAL strives for by The Rocky Mountain Collegian.
  • The Indiana Daily Student asks Indiana University @ Bloomington’s Sam Spaiser his thoughts on the Tea Party movement.
  • Finally Jambar offers a great article about Youngstown State’s YAL.
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