Tax Your Stash with YAL @ Millersville!

For Halloween, Young Americans for Liberty at Millersville University created a Tax Your Stash event as our first fiscally focused activism event of the year. Up until this point, our chapter had only done social activism events, so we put our heads together and brainstormed to create this fun event!


At our Tax Your Stash table, we had four Trick or Treat pumpkin containers filled with candy. We encouraged students when walking by to take four pieces of candy. We told them things like, “you’ve worked so hard this semester!” “This if YOUR candy!” “You deserve this candy!” and really emphasized that the candy was theirs.


Once students got to the end of the line of candy, and were satisfied with their “income,” we stopped them before they could go and informed them that unfortunately, even though this was their candy, we as big government needed to take some back for local, state, and federal taxes purposes. We then took back 1/4 of their candy.


This was a really fun way to talk to students on campus about taxes. Many students on campus weren’t aware of how much was taken out of paychecks for taxes and were astonished at the thought that a government could do that without an individuals consent. The best quote of the day came from a student, who when told that we were taking 1/4th of her candy replied, “but that’s MY candy!” We feel that this was a super successful event and hope to replicate the event in some fashion for tax day in April. 

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