Taxation is Theft Day at Capital University

What started out as a discussion based around a learn liberty video seen here, turned into an idea to stir up conversation about taxation and its role in society at Capital University. With tax day being the prime day to do this members of the YAL chapter at Capital University set up a display that would shock fellow students and provoke a response to the question of the roles taxes play in society.

Taxation is Theft Tabeling

Two dedicated members of our team made the display board putting a combination of facts and memes together. They dedicated one half of the board to serious quotes and statistics about taxation and the effects while the other side used popular internet memes in order to draw interest. We stood in front of the table handing out various internet memes to people proclaiming that taxation is theft and allowing them to engage in conversation and debate about whether or not it was indeed theft.  

A meme on the board, by Liberty Memes

We had decent interest as the coincidence of our visit day provided us with interested prospective students, alumni, and parents who stopped to discuss with us their views on taxation.  Students got in on the discussion too with one student organization not related to YAL attempted to start a conversation on twitter about where our taxes go to.  

To finalize this our final meeting of the year will be based on this discussion. With the success of this year’s “Taxation is Theft” day event we hope to bring it back next year.

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