Taxpayer Money Used To Ridicule “Teabaggers”

Sponsered by none other than the notorious, state-affiliated National Public Radio (NPR). I’m wondering if there is any attempted intelligent message behind this humorless video? 

In a new video posted online, NPR called teapartiers “teagbaggers.”  The mockery on the NPR webiste begins with :

Learn to speak teabag. Finally, learning a new language doesn’t have to be hard. You can be fluent in conversational teabag in just a few short minutes.

The cartoon character enthusiastically shouts: “I think the public option and the competition it would foster would … really … socialist, socialist!”  The narrorator replies: “Good.  Lesson 2:  If you’re having trouble understanding the words of others or being understood yourself, use teabags’ stronger, more descriptive words.”

Then the ever baffled cartoon character yells: “Nazi! Nazi! Nazi!”

The video then explains:

Instead of saying ‘huge insurance companies have come between me and my doctor’ to describe the current reality, just say, ‘I don’t want Obammunist disembowel-atrons to come between me and my doctor’ to describe a paranoid future.

The video then concludes with: ” Teabag – because other languages are just too hard.”

It is known that the term “tea-bagging” is a sexual slur that is known in some homosexual subcultures. It is such a shame that those who are willing to stand up to the government’s falliable policies are ridiculed and insulted in epic porportions.  It is a simple lie that NPR is “nonpartisan.” I also wonder if any administration officials were directly or indirectly involved on this spoof.  You can watch the video here.

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