Tea Party Italia, Part II

Tea Party Italia

A few weeks ago, I published the first half of my interview with Luca Bocci, Director of International Relations for the Tea Party Italia.

In this final installment, Luca addresses some of the same problems faced by the liberty movement here in the United States, not to mention the Tea Party:  How should we go about achieving results? How should we solve disputes between fellow liberty activists? What do we do about politicians trying to hijack our movement? And what does the outlook on the near future look like?

To see the full interview, click here, but if there’s one thing Luca wants solved, it is this:

Freedom isn’t free but sometimes it’s frustrating to realize that some people find it incredibly difficult to prioritize things. You care about legalization of marijuana? Good for you. Would you rather have free dope or free enterprise and a really free market? Would you rather have the ban on abortion or a fair/flat tax system? First things first…

You have the libertarians that pass of their time campaigning for Ron Paul, picking fights with the Rick Perry conservatives (it gets ugly sometimes, trust me), the religious “right” that tries to steer the movement on social and moral issues, the radical crowd that seems to be utterly fixated on finding new and creative ways to irritate the Catholics, with their sometimes senseless attacks on the “evils” of the Vatican. Then you have us, the “not very moderate moderaters,”  who try to put a little order in this mess and remind everyone that the real fight is elsewhere… ~Luca Bocci

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