Tea Party Nation founder: TSA scanners and body searches are abusive, appalling, unconstitutional

In my exclusive interview with Judson Phillips, the founder of Tea Party Nation, which hosted the first National Tea Party convention in Nashville, I learned that the Tea Party movement is outraged at the TSA’s “nude” body scanners and search procedures.

For a political movement that is often criticized as a cynical, right-wing ploy to lower taxes for the rich (or something like that), this key player in the Tea Party movement sounds refreshingly bold in his affirmation of civil liberties, putting Tea Party ideology right in line with the ACLUs and Michael Moores of the world when it comes to defending the civil liberties in the U.S. Constitution, except that it seems like Tea Party activists and sympathizers have actually been the most vocal critics of the TSA lately.

If Phillips’ views are truly representative of the vast swath of activists and voters who identify themselves as Tea Party supporters, that’s a great sign for the Tea Party. It means their belief in strict constitutionalism and individual liberty isn’t selective or merely a front for some partisan agenda, but a firmly-held and consistently-applied set of principles. You can read Phillips’ words for yourself and decide:

Read my entire interview with Judson Phillips here.

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