Teaching Free Speech behind Enemy Lines at Citrus College

A Great group shot of us all

students posing with liberty it self

Last year during Constitution Week, an administrator told me that I would be kicked off campus if I did not return to the school’s free speech zone while I attempted to gather signatures for our petition denouncing the NSA. This year, our free speech wall was HUGE hit and we were able to gather support for abolishing the free speech zone on campus.

some members posing with our wall

some members posing with our wall

Robert Adams, US Army vet standing with YAL

chukwu awuchi standing with liberty

David another excellent member standing with YAL

Andrew Lewis, one of our most dedicated members

Tyler Clifton Iraq war vet standing with YAL&Free speech

some students caught off guard

a retired USAF Capt. leading YAL in the pledge of allegance

one of our members on the microphone

we had a great location

some shots of signatures5

some shots of signatures4

some shots of signatures3

some shots of signatures2

some shots of signatures

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