Team America: Drug War

Pulling out the classic move of evoking the drug war , Washington is now committing 7,000 Marines, and 42 warships to patrol and enter Costa Rican territory to help fight against drug trafficking.

As if we are smashing our heads against the wall, US policy continues to be that to beat drug trafficking we just need to use more force. This unconstitutional jaunt into the sovereign territory of another state is supposed to secure what should actually be described as a domestic, social and medical problem. Nonetheless, our government continues like a broken record to repeat the same mistakes it’s wallowed in for the past 40+ years.

What would we do if Indonesia, which has some of the harshest laws against marijuana, decided to come guns-a-blazing California’s Emerald Triangle of marijuana growth claiming to be simply protecting Californians from drug trafficking? The experts from OC drug rehab expect that the local population of California might become just a teensy weensy angry at this unprovoked attack by foreign agents on their land. Is it any wonder that so many people around the world aren’t too fond of our government?

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