Temple University YAL Attempts to Tackle the Student Activities Fair

Around noon on Wednesday, September 9, a beautiful sunny day, Temple’s YAL Vice President, Matthew, and myself headed out to the student activities fair. Joined by Leadership Institute field representative, Tristan Stanziale, we were ready to spread Liberty and teach Temple Students about our organization!

Vice President Matthew Recruiting

At first, we were off to a great start! Many students approached our table to take some Liberty-themed books and within the first 10 minutes we got 6 signups from really eager students! Suddenly, we were approached by the Senior Associate Dean of Students. She told us that we had to leave. When we asked why, she explained that she was the one that reserved space for the day, and we could not not be there as an unrecognized group.

Upon asking more questions, she said that the tables were set up by a union, and we could not table on our own, because it was a “union issue”. We tried to explain our first amendment rights, especially with Temple being a public university, but she has not willing to listen.

She said if we got caught recruiting again, Temple would refuse to ever recognize our YAL chapter. She sent us to Student Affairs where they told us we couldn’t recruit since we are not officially recognized.

Being Kicked Out of the Activities Fair

Incredibly concerned, we quickly contacted Elizabeth Hayes, who explained we do indeed have a right to recruit at our public university. While the school is allowed to say we cannot have a table, they do not have the right to prevent us from spreading liberty and recruiting.

While Temple’s YAL Chapter is fighting an uphill battle, we know with Elizabeth’s help, as well as the entire Young Americans for Liberty family, we will fight to make sure our school’s ridiculous speech codes are reversed!

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