Temple University YAL Celebrates Diversity of Thought

Last Wednesday, Temple University’s YAL chapter participated in the Political Science Society’s annual debate. Unfortunately, our chapter President was unable to attend due to an emergency, but executive board member, Connor McNamee, was quick to jump in. The two hour-long debate was supposed to be between the College Republicans, College Democrats, Temple University Socialists, and Temple University’s Young Americans for Liberty. The Socialist group, however, decided to drop out at the last second so it was down to YAL, College Democrats, and College Republicans.
YAL Debate
When asked to summarize our beliefs, Connor said, “The [philosophy of Liberty] is simple: minimize government to maximize individual liberty. The right understands this as far as economic freedom goes, but would use the coercive force of the state to dictate how people live. The left believes in social and civil liberties, but would use the force of the state to steal from individuals to redistribute wealth and income to benefit their definition of the common good. Only [liberty-minded individuals] understand that the most effective, and the most just, position is to minimize government interference and allow people to prosper and live as they please.”
Our chapter had a blast at the debate. Connor represented the ideas of Liberty and personal responsibility eloquently and left us all feeling proud. After the debate, multiple people from various political backgrounds approached Connor to congratulate him. We were glad to participate in the annual debate and look forward to doing it again next year!
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