Temple University YAL Celebrates Free Speech

On Wednesday, October 7, Temple University’s YAL Chapter set out to the Bell Tower. With us, we had a box full of Sharpies and a six foot wide beach ball. Rolling around a massive beach ball around the streets of North Philadelphia made quite a stir. Within a minute we were the center of attention. Almost immediately, there were tons of people crowded around the Free Speech Ball. Everyone was so excited to exercise their First Amendment rights. 

We had quite a crowd!

Many students asked why we were doing this. We explain what Young Americans for Liberty is, and our mission. We want to bring awareness to our rights that are protected by the Constitution. In the three hours we were out there, hundreds of people stopped by to write on the ball. Many of those people told us that they never really stopped to think about how the Constitution protects their rights and we were more than happy to serve as the reminder!

Making sure to get sign-ups!

Overall, the event was a great success! We loved watching our fellow Temple Owls exercise their 1st Amendment Rights. This event allowed us to spread Liberty on campus and grow our YAL Chapter! We cannot wait to see what the future holds for our chapter!

There were hundreds of signatures by the end!

Exercising their First Amendment rights!

The first people writing!

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