Temple University YAL Celebrates YALoween!

On Friday, October 30, the day before Halloween, Temple University’s YAL Chapter set up a Civil Liberties Graveyard to educate our fellow Owls about rights that the government has taken away from us. 

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A few weeks prior, we went shopping to get candy, a costume, fake flowers, and the supplies to make our tombstones. It took quite a bit of time, but we were really happy with the finished product! 

Making the Tombstones

Originally, we had reserved a great spot on campus, but do due last minute College GameDay filming, we were moved elsewhere with less foot traffic. At first we were really worried that we wouldn’t attract many people, but we decided to get creative and make the best of it! It was an added obstacle, but it all worked out.

We love talking to our fellow Owls about Liberty!

Many people that walked past us stopped to read out tombstones. The first few people were hesitant to lay a flower down, but with some encouragement people really got into it! In fact, there were multiple people that asked if they could have multiple flowers because they couldn’t pick just one liberty. One girl actually placed her flowers in the center because they were “just all so good.” We also gave out candy with additional information about YAL and how to protect yourself against big government.

Deciding which Liberty is your favorite is tough!

This event really helped us practice tailoring our message. Two people that approached me and asked what we were doing and about told me they are socialists, so I made sure to find the things we agreed on, and they too put flowers down. In contrast, some really conservative people stopped by, and we too made sure to highlight the things we have in common.

We had a blast!

Overall, we were really happy with the turnout! At the end, we counted the flowers at each gravesite. “Free Speech” and “Choice to Consume Drugs+Food” had the most flowers. Introducing people to Liberty is always a great time and we’re really excited for our next activism event!

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