Temple University YAL Continues the Fight for Free Speech!

After our successful free speech ball event last month, our YAL chapter was excited to continue on in the fight for free speech at Temple University!

To get our campus excited about the “Can We Take a Joke?” movie premiere, we got out our massive free speech ball and rolled it around campus. Once again, we were the center of attention. Everyone, regardless of political affiliation, was excited to share their opinions in celebrate of the First Amendment right to freedom of speech! 

Can We Take a joke?

Our event, followed by the campus premiere of “Can We Take a Joke?” was a success! Everyone loved the documentary.

While we thought the movie was hilarious, we agreed it brought up many important points about how crucial free speech is in college campuses. After the movie was over, we had a lively discussion about free speech at Temple University. There were disagreements, but we all walked away feeling like we opened the door for the discussion that was much needed on a campus with unconstitutional speech codes like ours.

Temple University is currently rated a “yellow” campus according to the Foundation for Individual Rights in Education (FIRE). Our chapter is excited to continue working with FIRE to bring freedom of speech back to Philadelphia, the birthplace of Liberty! 

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