Temple University YAL Does Constitution Week

This Monday, September 23, Young Americans for Liberty at Temple University put out two large Free Speech Walls in honor of Constitution Week.  The walls were located in one of the busiest corners of campus, at our Bell Tower, where we encouraged students to write whatever they wanted without fear of censorship.  We also had free Constitutions and other literature that was given out to interested students. 


The event was a success, with 30 new sign-ups and tons of Constitutions given out.  We even filled up six different pieces of paper with writing from students! We engaged in conversation with students about the state of our government and the issue of free speech on college campuses. 


We had a great turn-out, both with students that came out to sign the walls, and current members who helped run the event. It is always amazing to see how many students agree with the principles of liberty and don’t even know it. Even students who admitted to not being politically active agreed that the U.S. government should do its best to protect free speech and other Amendments that we hold dear in our Constitution. 

Overall, our Constitution Week event was extremely successful!  We are excited to see how many new sign-ups will come out to our next meeting, and are encouraged by the increasing awareness of the principles of liberty around campus.  

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