Temple University YAL Hosts Spring Recruitment Drive

On August 24, 2016, Temple University held their annual “Temple Fest” activities fair! This event is held during welcome week and is geared towards incoming freshman. Every year Temple Fest is huge, and there are hundreds of student organizations at the fair. This year, we were lucky enough to have Mrs. Suzanne Cruz from the Leadership Institute join us to help recruit. We definitely couldn’t have done it without her help!

It was a beautiful day outside, and we were lucky enough to find a spot in the shade. We had the opportunity to speak with many incoming freshman, and so many were interested in our message! One guy even said finding out Temple has a pro-Liberty organization on campus was his best part of welcome week! 

Overall, it was a huge success. We got more than 3 pages of signups, and we are excited for the semester to come! So many members of Temple University’s class of 2020 are definitely liberty-minded and we’re excited to welcome them into our club!

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