Temple University YAL Protests the War on Drugs

Temple University’s YAL chapter set up a display on campus to bring attention to the war on drugs. The war on drugs, we explained, is not only immoral, but unconstitutional. To draw attention to our display, we gave away free “pot brownies” (served in a large blue pot) with information about how destructive the war on drugs is as well as contact information about local and state politicians to encourage our classmates to contact senators,representatives mayors, and the governor to make their voices heard!

Our survey!

We caused quite a stir in campus! In order to see where our classmates stood on the issues we made a huge survey to ask if they believe in the legality of various issues, aside from drugs. We had a lot of fun educating our fellow Owls and encouraging the liberty-minded to join us in the fight for freedom!


"Pot" Brownies!

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