Temple University YAL Tackles our Third Recruitment Drive!

On November 11, Temple University’s YAL Chapter held our third recruitment drive of the semester! While it was a dreary day outside, we hoped to find fellow Temple Owls that love Liberty!

Our recruitment drive got off to a bumpy start. For some reason, Student Activities had canceled our table reservation and didn’t tell us until we got there to check in!

After some running around the student center and finally tracking down the the head of student activities (after she got out of a meeting), they realized it was a mix-up in their system and we did indeed have a reservation! They then got us a table to set up.

All set up and ready to recruit!

Unfortunately, by the time we got through all the ridiculous administrative confusion, we only had an hour or so to recruit. We were determined, however, to make the best of it! We set up our table with candy, books, posters, pins, and pocket Constitutions. We also made sure to set our Political Quiz poster board up as a way to educate students about our beliefs.

In the time we had, we were sure to engage as many students as possible to come talk with us. My favorite part of recruitment by far, is introducing people to Liberty. I love watching someone’s face light up when they realize there’s a large group of people that think just like they do!

Overall, we were really happy with the turn out! We can’t wait to meet all our signups at our next meeting. We had a great time this semester, and we can’t wait to start recruiting in the spring!

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