Tex-Mex and Thunderstorms: YAL at UH June Social

Saturday night at the same time that thunderstorms were brewing, the Houston Chapter of YAL met for the first time. These Young Americans for Liberty cooked up a storm of sausage, chicken, and fajitas, and talked about their beef with too much government.

In between chowing down good od Tex-Mex, we got to know each other more. It turns out a cause such as liberty can unite anarchists, conservatives, libertarians  and even authorized gun toting ministers.

Those who showed up were happy to eat and share their stories.

The Gang

For a long time I’ve been the craziest conservative in the room. I quickly found out that I was not the only one that had gone thorough that, and it mad me feel at home. Finally I was with people whose goals and plans matched mine.

After learning a little bit of everyone’s backstory we delved into a 98% certified YAL presentation, and got the run down on our purpose. Our club members espoused fervent libertarian testimony.

Our President Michael Anderson knocked it out of the park with how he got started in the liberty movement and how Ron Paul fanned the flames.

Mario cheffin'

He also mentioned that shortly after attending the University of Houston, YAL encouraged him to start our current chapter. He also dropped the big new that we gained more members than anyone else in Houston, making us the largest and fastest growing chapter in the region.

This news excited the group, and inspired us to fight even harder for our principles. If anyone in the Houston area is looking for a group of young, pro-liberty activists they need not look anywhere else.

Our Vice President introduced himself, presented YAL at UH’s five basic principles, and talked about the ideas of liberty. He even discussed the ideas of anarchy.

Mario (the group’s chef, camera man,  and flawless host) talked about his chance meeting with Michael and their three hour conversation that set their collaboration in motion.

Thor/James (a.k.a. Outreach reverend) couldn’t contain his excitement for the principles of liberty, so he rocketed from the couch to the front of the room to share his experiences on the battlefront of ideas.  This impromptu slur of words got the guys riled up and cheering louder than they should.

But why not cheer for your rights and the rights of your brothers?

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