Texas A&M’s Fall Recruitment Drive

Howdy from Texas A&M! It’s certainly a good time to be a liberty-minded Aggie; with activism kits from several pro-freedom groups and a tireless group of volunteers, we collected almost 100 student signatures at the YAL table at the annual Open House. We gave out countless books and flyers, and the World’s Shortest Political Quiz garnered plenty of attention from curious students.

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Seated next to the College Democrats, we successfully diverted the attention of several students with no-cost libertarian books and active volunteers. As people passed by, we asked them questions such as, “Do you want to support liberty and freedom on your campus?” and “Tired of voting for a lesser of the two evils?” Especially effective was taping the World’s Smallest Political Quiz to a chapter officer’s shirt and standing between the two booths, encouraging everyone who stopped to take the quiz. It turned out that more students leaned libertarian than Democrat!

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