Texas State’s Ongoing Fight for Free Speech

One of the fundamental rights to any free state is the ability to voice one’s opinion, specifically the most unpopular of opinions. Young Americans for Liberty has always stood for both classical liberalism and fiscal conservatism, which in this day in age means that more often than not we hold the minority opinion, but we’ve accepted that challenge. We stand on principle and on logic, not the changing tides of popularity. This became apparent just a few weeks into the semester on Ash Wednesday, and was solidified a few weeks ago on Thursday April 14th at Texas State’s chapter debut of the world renowned documentary “Can We Take a Joke?”
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Standing outside of our tent we advocated the usual talking points of the Liberty movement, “More Freedom! Less Government! End the Drug War!” yet on this day we would be faced with arguably one of the most important struggles, freedom of speech. Roughly two months later, with the events of Ash Wednesday still fresh on our minds, we began our promotion of “Can We Take a Joke?”, and our chapters overall Fight for Free Speech week. We tabled, gathered multiple pages of sign-ups, chose a room, provided popcorn, and had a great event.

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After the documentary it was evident that Lenny Bruce had gained a roomful of admirers, and his fight for free speech made me appreciate my Ash Wednesday experience even more. That is what free speech is all about, Lenny Bruce knew it, Young Americans for Liberty know it, and we will not stop until the entire country knows it.
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