Thank You, Edward Snowden

Espionage on an incomprehensible scale.

Wholesale destruction of the Bill of Rights.

A dehumanizing surveillance state.

Is this just another bad science fiction movie? No, it’s a snapshot of modern America — a snapshot that Edward Snowden, who recently exposed the N.S.A.’s medieval and constitutionally abhorrent practices, knows all too well.

At 29, he faces political destruction at the hands of the very goons and thugs whose barbarism he just revealed. He is being called a traitor, despite his love of country. And the country is largely silent. Is this not evidence of an already-entrenched evil?

When the American colonists rebelled against King George III, they did so to escape tyranny and injustice. But the conditions present at that time were utopian in comparison to what has been substituted for America in the modern era. If the men who signed the Declaration of Independence were alive today, there would be blood in the streets.

They would recognize tyranny through its false promises of security.

They would balk at the intrusive level of surveillance.

They would shed genuine tears of grief. For the country they sacrificed to create, the country into which they poured their hearts and souls, is dead.

The Constitution is no longer in effect. The government, meant to be a faithful servant, has subjugated its master, the American people. And like so many cattle in a slaughterhouse chute, the American people continue the journey into total subjugation with little resistance.

So, do not condemn Edward Snowden. Instead, thank him and others like him.

For he has shed the light of knowledge on a sophisticated, secretive world of domestic terror, and exposed the currently unfettered, unchecked nature of the American government. He has helped slow the destruction of freedom. For knowledge prevents the evil of subjugation from gaining a foothold.

Thank you, Edward Snowden. And may many more like you follow suit.

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