That Magazine Cover

A couple of questions about the hysteria over the ridiculous Palin Newsweek cover jump out at me:

Why is it so horrible for Newsweek to display a “provocative” picture of Palin but acceptable for the New York Times to publish an article analyzing clearly insane people’s sexual fantasies about Obama? (I know we’re expected to love the ‘dear leader,’ but is it really normal to dream about watching him spoon with his wife?)

Why is it expected that dumbed-down, state-friendly MSM publications like Newsweek will stay “above the fray?”

In any case, the cover is pretty demeaning, but the fact that Palin is incapable of just brushing it off is telling. I’d still prefer President Palin to Bush or Obama, though. Apart from Ron Paul, and perhaps Michele Bachmann, she’s the only politician on the right wing of the one party duopoly with something of an open mind.

And if we’re unable to get a non-criminal president, who substantively dissents from the reigning ideology, the murderess-in-chief might as well be pretty!

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