The 2010 YAL National Convention starts tonight!

From an overwhelmingly strong pool of applicants, 70 young liberty activists have been selected to attend this three-day, invitation-only event in Arlington, VA, starting this evening.  These 70 students will receive the best campus and campaign training available — training from a unique roster of knowledgeable and experienced guest speakers.

If you haven’t seen it already, here’s the speaker list:

Bruce Fein

Bruce Fein is a renowned constitutional lawyer, scholar, and writer. A Harvard Law School graduate, Fein served as an associate deputy attorney general under President Reagan. He is most recently the author of the C4L-commissioned American Empire: Before the Fall. Fein regularly provides commentary on national television and radio, including MSNBC, FOX News, C-SPAN, and BBC.

Jack Hunter

Jack Hunter, or the Southern Avenger, is a conservative radio host and political commentator living in Charleston, SC. He appears on WTMA News-Talk 1250 AM and contributes to the Charleston City Paper.  A contributing editor to Taki’s Magazine and The American Conservative, he is known for providing commentary from paleoconservative and paleolibertarian viewpoints.

James O’Keefe

James O’Keefe is an investigative journalist and filmmaker. He is most famously known for his 2009 ACORN investigation, in which he co-produced the blockbuster undercover investigation that revealed systemic corruption in the government-funded organization.  As a result of his activism, both houses of Congress voted to defund ACORN, which was ultimately shut down.

Kirk Shelley

Kirk Shelley, based out of Oklahoma City, OK, is Senior Consultant for State Operations for Campaign for Liberty.  He has worked on 237 State House and Senate campaigns in 10 states and has a winning percentage of 89%.  Shelley has also worked on a number of congressional and statewide races.  In 2008, he served as Oklahoma coordinator for the Ron Paul campaign.

Dr. Jim Lark

Dr. James W. Lark, III is an adjunct professor and lecturer at the University of Virginia.  He also serves as  an adviser to The Liberty Coalition.  He is the National Campus Coordinator for the Libertarian Party, advising student libertarians throughout the country how to promote libertarian ideas on campus.  Dr. Lark also resides on the boards of a number of liberty-oriented organizations.

Steven Sutton

Steven Sutton is Vice President of Campus Programs and Development at the Leadership Institute (LI). Prior to joining LI, Sutton was a Chief of Staff on Capitol Hill to three different members of Congress, helping the congressmen he served get reelected, directing their campaign strategies, messages, and voter contact programs. In addition, he has managed numerous political campaigns from city council to U.S.  Congress.

Christopher Doss

Chris Doss is the Leadership Institute’s Grassroots Activist Schools Coordinator.  He served in the administrations of three governors and worked for members of Congress and several state legislatures.  Doss has also lobbied for advocacy organizations and private businesses, and he has been a national and international spokesperson, dealing with hostile reporters from a variety of media outlets. 

We at the YAL office are very excited and can’t wait to meet all the attendees in person tonight!

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