The 7 Best Libertarian Songs You’ve Never Heard of

Sick of hearing Green Day bash capitalism and U2 calling for more and more government intervention?  Need some music that doesn’t unthinkingly accept the default leftist, collectivist worldview?

Look no further!

Below are the top 7 best pro-liberty, pro-economic freedom songs that you’ve (probably) never heard of  (no Lee Greenwood or Rush here!) in no particular order.  Feast your ear holes:

1. “Sons of Liberty” by Frank Turner

Remember when I said this list was in “no particular order?” (Yes I did, right up there, like, three lines ago).  Well, I lied.  This first one is easily my favorite song of the bunch.  That’s why it’s first.

Frank Turner, a former anarchist who now describes himself as a “classical liberal/libertarian,” combines an excellent folk/punk guitar sound with defiant lyrics informed by a very British sense of liberty.

To wit:

But a sorry cloud of tyranny has fallen across the land/
Brought on by hollow men, who did not understand/
That for centuries our forefathers have fought and often died/
To keep themselves unto themselves, to fight the rising tide/
That if in the smallest battles we surrender to the State/
We enter in a darkness whence we never shall escape./


2. “Taxman” by Lucky Dube

South African reggae artist, Lucky Dube, eloquently puts the lie to statist claims about taxes with his seminal “Taxman,” recorded in 1997.  If you like both reggae and freedom, you’ll like this:

I pay my gardener to clean up my garden/
I pay my doctor to check out da other ting/
I pay my lawyer to fight for my rights/
And I pay my bodyguard to guard my body/
There’s only one man I pay/
But I don’t know what I’m paying for/
I’m talking about the taxman!/


3. “I’ll Give Up My Gun” by Steve Lee

You may have already heard this gregarious Aussie’s YouTube hit, “I Like Guns,” but did you know he wrote a follow up piece that takes aim (heh) at gun grabbing politicians and at laws that punish the honest citizens who try to defend their property?

Yup.  “I’ll Give Up My Gun” is a rousing country ballad showcasing the terrible abuse of gun owners in Australia, and providing ample warning to Americans who are still (mostly) in possession of their Second Amendment rights.

Well I’ll give up my gun, when the ocean runs dry/
And I’ll give up my gun, when the sun doesn’t shine/
I’ll give up my gun, when the birds don’t fly/
I’ll give up my gun, when politicians don’t lie./


4. “Justice Day” by “RebelFire” (Rockne Van Meter)

This liberty-loving rock anthem is actually a promotional song put together for the young adult libertarian sci-fi book, “RebelFire: Out of the Gray Zone” by Claire Wolfe and Aaron Zelman.

A great classic rock sound reminiscent of Lynyrd Skynyrd and a strong anti-authoritarian, pro-freedom message make this another one of my clear favorites on the list.  Who can resist lyrics like:

So crush their damned spycams, and rip open your cage/
Let liberty loose with a howl of wild rage/
Each tyrant you smash/
Is a freedom you’ve won/
And the Outlaws — we Outlaws — put the power on the run./


5. “Liberty” by Jordan Page

Page has become a somewhat unofficial troubadour for the political wing of the liberty movement.  His recent single, “Liberty” is a perfect illustration of his talents.  Simple, acoustic guitar mixed with a great radio voice makes this a song you can sing along to while you carry your “Legalize Capitalism” sign outside the Capitol.

When is the right time to stand up for freedom/
Could it be when you start to feel creating children/
Who’ll inherit the pain and the debt of this nation/
And be slaves to the banks that cause hyper-inflation/
Who are masters of commerce, lies, and bad legislation?/


6. “The State” by Porter Robinson

Yes, I’ve got a little something for everyone, including fans of dubstep!  19 year old dubstep prodigy, Porter Robinson, has managed to create a libertarian/anarchocapitalist song using quotes from Murray Rothbard’s “For a New Liberty.”

True story.  You have to hear it to believe it.

For centuries the state has robbed people at bayonet point and called it “taxation”/
For centuries the state has enslaved people into its armed battalions and called it “conscription”/


7. “No Knock Raid” by Lindy

Lindy is a singer/songwriter from Canada and also an avid follower of the excellent work of Radley Balko at The Agitator.  This song is a direct result of Balko’s reporting on police abuse and the horrific consequences of the drug war.

This song will make you sad, but it’s so well done it deserves to be shared.

It’s a no knock raid, don’t be afraid/
Paramilitary police state on parade/
It’s a no knock raid, don’t be afraid/
You do the time, for your victimless crime./

WARNING: The following video contains graphic images of police brutality and the logical end result of a government with too much power.  Watch at your own risk.


Ok, fine!  Here’s some Rush too, to lighten the mood:

The Trees:

 What good songs did I miss?  What would you add to this list?
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