The 89% make their statement at UCF

On April 18th, YAL at UCF made students aware about Occupy the Honor Roll. Outside the UCF Student Union we educated students about the 89% and how to properly redistribute GPA’s to make everything more “fair.”

In the hot Florida weather we used our trademark tactic of giving out free popsicles to students. These sweet, tasty delights proved very successful in engaging students on the issue of GPA redistribution. Students were very receptive to the message and thought it was immoral to take the hard-earned GPA that they worked for. Everyone that came to the table was not in support of redistributing their or anyone else’s GPA. When I told one girl about our satiric efforts to take from the 4.0 students and give to others she exclaimed, “That’s ridiculous; GPA is something you earn.” 

Overall, our message was delivered and students at UCF now know about the 89%. In the end 124 popsicles were passed out, 35 emails were added to our list, and 1 successful event was carried out. Above you can view a video of the day’s efforts to educate our fellow students. 

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