“The answer is more speech” at University of Illinois-Chicago

The Free Speech Ball event, on April 24, 2018, went spectacularly! Nestor Huerta and I were able to set up at around 2:30 p.m. and we went through all of our 7 sign-up sheets and pocket Constitutions! It was definitely a superb and eventful day. Also, we spoke with two die-hard, loving liberty Americans who are disgusted by how universities can silence free speech and/or limit speakers to a few areas on campus- like the University of Illinois-Chicago. Furthermore, I had a nice discussion with one woman about hate speech. She and I did have a couple disagreements but we agreed that speech that defends or promotes violence is NOT protected under the 1st Amendment- which it is not. We did have to end early, roughly around 3:30 p.m., because we ran out of material and our schedules would not allow us to stay any longer.

Overall, we had a blast hosting this event on a bright, spring day. Many students were civil about it and loved our cause! As I mentioned, we got 35 sign-ups in only an hour. Next time, I plan to stay longer and have more sign-up sheets, pocket Constitutions, and liberty-lovers available! As the Alliance Defending Freedom shirts say, “”the answer is more speech!” 

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