The answer isn’t government…

…or more politics, regardless of who’s in the White House.  Brian Keeter discusses this very point on today, arguing that while Peter Schiff in the Senate would certainly be an improvement over the current selection, it might not be the best option for a man of his talents:

Ludwig von Mises said, “Government is essentially the negation of liberty.” Why on earth do we expect that fundamental truth to change now? All of the things that have made life and society better have come from private commerce, the free market. Peter Schiff could do a number of things to support the cause of liberty besides throwing it all away to pursue higher office. He could continue to build wealth for his clients. He could continue to speak publicly about the state of the economy and the cure for what ails us.

I’d like to see him and other entrepreneurs start businesses that compete directly with government services. In the twilight years of empires past, it was the private sector churning along and making the public sector irrelevant that kept society going. Take the case of the Birmingham Button Makers, British manufacturers who began coining their own tokens of silver when the Royal Mint failed to keep pace during the burgeoning Industrial Revolution starting in the 1780s. Quickly, these tokens gained preference among merchants for paying workers and buying goods and remained popular until the early 1800s when they were finally outlawed by the Crown. As the old saying goes, government hates competition.

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