The Battle for Free Speech at IUPU

The YAL chapter at Indiana University Purdue University held a free speech wall in the courtyard of Democracy Plaza. We tried to reach out to students to show the importance of free speech on college campuses. 

After a slow start, students started pouring in and the board got populated. People were coming from all different directions to write on the wall. Students seemed genuinely interested in learning more about YAL and free speech reform and many students signed up.


Although the wind was a challenge all day, we were able to get two boards going. In a short period of time the poster got filled up. Overall this event was a huge success.

The fight for free speech isn’t over at IUPU’s Democracy Plaza. We will continue the fight for year-round access to free speech boards on our campus. We also look forward to continuing to spread the message of liberty to our fellow students. 

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