The BCS vs. The USA

In proposing legislation that will surely, someday, make for a landmark Supreme Court case, Representative Joe Barton of Texas is looking to force the NCAA to rid itself of the much-maligned Bowl Championship Series (BCS) format for deciding its champion and adopt some sort of playoff.  Barton, obviously dismayed at the fact that the Texas Longhorns were passed over by the BCS – who instead chose the Oklahoma Sooners for its championship game despite Texas’ dismantling of OU earlier this year, is joined by the bill’s cosponsor, Illinois Democrat Bobby Rush (who just happens to be my congressman), as well as enjoying, at the very least, rhetorical support from President-elect Barack Obama. 

Now I have believed, for many years, that major college football should institute a playoff system for deciding its yearly champion – a belief shared by many.  But is forcing this by way of congressional mandate really the best use of American tax dollars and our representatives’ time?  What’s next:  A congressional resolution mandating a nine game World Series?  Making the Super Bowl a national holiday? (on second thought, that’s not a bad idea).  Forcing the American people to watch the NHL’s Stanley Cup Finals…..or, God forbid….soccer?!  Where does it all end?

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