“The Beat” beats having a real job

Bonnie, cop-worship is one of the creepier phenomena in American society. The whole point of classical liberalism was the upholding of individual rights through the limitation and de-sanctification of the state. Can you believe that a country based on these ideals has become so insanely nationalistic that we grovel before every uniformed Earl? The silly badge and government “swagger,” seems to bedazzle Americans so much that they’re unable to apply any of their critical intelligence to soberly analyzing the moral implications of what the cops are actually doing!

That is, initiating violence against innocents,  especially in the “drug war.”

I suppose for these “welfare kings,” “the beat,” beats having a real job. But whether or not the message on the car in your post is to be taken literally,  I really resent the fact that these guys consistently steal property from innocents, show-off about it, and skate free unpunished.

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