The beginning of a new era in Santa Barbara

It was a beautiful day at The University of California- Santa Barbara to table and discuss issues of liberty. Many students were eager to discuss free speech and due process issues on campus. We had a wide range of material to hand out, both from YAL and the Leadership Institute which were helpful in initiating conversation with students walking past.

For our first day, we were incredibly successful. Many students participated in a political quiz as well as took part in chalking free speech around our table. Not only did we bring attention to our club and the threats to Liberty at UCSB, but we were able to get several new members to come to our club meeting.

The big surprise came when a few students polled fell on the “support for liberty grid”. While we expected that UCSB would be left leaning, a couple of those individuals were surprised to see how much they supported the ideas of liberty.


Many people jumped at the opportunity to exercise free speech by chalking around the table. Although there are many threats to liberty across California campuses, the new era of freedom is strong.
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